All photography provided by Women TIES, LLC

For 24 years, Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham has been promoting, publicizing and uniting women entrepreneurs and their companies online and at special events to cultivate strong economic relationships to advance their companies and eradicate pay inequality for women. 

She has been dedicated to supporting women entrepreneurs since 1996 when starting and owning a business was becoming a potential career option for women. By hosting and organizing 40 events in New York State annually, in her ten year weekly e-newsletter and inspirational speeches Tracy has motivated women for 2 decades.

HER Mission iN 2019 and Beyond

Tracy's passionate commitment to women entrepreneurs continues in 2019 by offering a more significant way to help women entrepreneurs by offering one-on-one personal “pool house” or “pool side” business chats (consultations) to offer unique business or personal advice to women entrepreneurs in a relaxed environment.

Thank you Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham for creating an amazing uplifting organization and for pouring your heart and soul into everything you do!
— Dale L'Ecuyer, Isagenix, Albany, New York


  • To foster economic connections between women entrepreneurs living across New York State by promoting and publicizing their companies through her company Women TIES in order to increase women owned businesses public visibility and sales potential.

  • To create more financial opportunities for women.

  • To inspire women entrepreneurs to higher levels of business success through live events, written word and consultations.

  • To share 30 years of business knowledge and entrepreneurial wisdom to educate and inspire other women in their own endeavors through one-on-one consultations.

  • To advise women in the fields of entrepreneurship, marketing, public relations, promotion, social media marketing, special event planning and management.

  • To provide a beautiful peaceful retreat location for individual business planning, inspiration and advisement.